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WILLIAM AND THE ETERNALS are a delightful blend of enchanting melodies and captivating story telling. Weaving tales of love, loss, and adventure, their irresistibly catchy songs are simply infectious. They posses a unique ability to transport listeners to a world of whimsy and wonder with a masterful combination of intricate harmonies, toe-tapping rhythms, and heartfelt lyrics that linger in your mind long after the music fades. Their repertoire is a treasure trove of musical gems.


Their new single 'People Watching' is the perfect introduction of what to expect. A wistful and familiar tale of finding a ‘sunny spot’ and watching the ‘footfall’. It’s such a simple scenario, filled with humorous observations and quirky characters. The song brings a real sense of magic to the mundane. And like all of their songs, the chorus will follow you around for days. The warm and inviting themes of their music creates an feeling that is impossible to resist.


Lead singer Paul, is a song writing machine and an alluring storyteller. Comparisons to Van Morrison and Jake Thackray are easy to make out but Paul has his own special blend for drawing in the listener with vivid imagery and heartfelt narratives. He breathes life into each lyric, infusing every note with charm and cheek. Paul’s ability to connect with the audience on a personal level, weaving tales that resonate with the human experience, makes him a truly exceptional artist who has been hidden away for many years.


Talented and accomplished drummer, Dan, plays a significant role in shaping the sound of the band. His solid timekeeping and intricate fills add depth and richness to the music and his punchy style contributes to the overall storytelling aspect of the band's music. 


On bass guitar is Matt. His performance is the foundation of the bands rhythm section. He purposely fills the space within the songs with his original bass lines adding a real sense of bounce and adventure. Matt also adds those vital vocal harmonies that bring each song to life.


The youngest member of this seasoned group of musicians is Molly on lead guitar. Her effortless ability to add licks and accents at just the right moment is a masterclass in how to subtly elevate amazing songs to the next level. She is talented beyond her years and is the final piece that makes this band so remarkable.


If you are looking for a fresh sound to brighten up your day, then WILLIAM AND THE ETERNALS are sure to captivate your heart.


Follow the links below to see our full interview with the band and to watch them performing live at the Stone Sugar Jamboree. You can also listen to their new single 'People Watching' at the link below.

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G.A.R are a powerhouse of electrifying energy and raw talent, reminiscent of the iconic heavy metal bands of the 1980s. Their blistering guitar solos, thunderous drum beats, and soaring vocals transport listeners back to the golden age of glam metal.

Lead singer George, is the mastermind behind this infectious project, crafting the album ‘Steal Your Love’ as a solo project before recruiting Ben (bass), Joe (drums) and Oliver (rhythm guitar) to complete his line up. During their set at Taylor’s Shure 5, they treated the audience to a head banging selection of songs from the album including ‘Landslide’ and ‘Busy Lizzie’. 

George’s stage presence is nothing short of mesmerising. His high-octane performance left our Jamboree audience in pure awe. George embodies the essence of an 80s metal icon with his commanding occupancy of the stage and his powerhouse vocals. With a larger-than-life persona and a voice that can soar to incredible heights, he captivated the Shure 5 audience with raw energy and charisma. His lead guitar solos are also nothing short of electrifying. With blistering speed and precision, George unleashes a flurry of shredded riffs and melodic harmonies that are mind blowing. Each solo is a showcase of technical prowess and emotion. His virtuosity and showmanship add an extra layer of excitement to the live show, leaving fans in awe of the skill and obvious passion he has for the genre.


Bass player Ben is also an integral part of the band's electrifying sound. He has a unique style and presence on stage bringing thunderous basslines that anchor the band's heavy metal melodies, coupled with intricate riffs and grooves to creating a solid foundation for the band's high-energy performance. His signature style and rebellious spirit harnesses the unruly attitude of the band.


Hiding behind a mass of epic long hair is rhythm guitarist Oliver. His dark and heavy riffs, combined with his innovative use of power chords and guitar effects, help shape the sound of G.A.R. His chugging riffs and tight rhythm patterns contribute perfectly to the bands signature sound and his mysterious unassuming presence adds real character to the bands presentation.


A clear driving force behind the band's electrifying performance, is drummer Joe. With precision and intensity, Joe drives the rhythm and energy of the band, setting the pace for the entire show, ensuring that every beat hits with maximum impact. His thunderous beats and explosive drum solos, help to showcase the exceptional skill and passion this band clearly has for their craft.


G.A.R. is a perfect blend of aggression and melody, with anthemic choruses that are sure to get crowds chanting along. Fans of classic heavy metal will find themselves headbanging and air-guitaring to G.A.R.’s infectious tunes. With their dedication to keeping the flame of 80s metal alive, G.A.R is a band that truly rocks and delivers a high-voltage performance that will leave you awestruck!


Use the link below to see the band's live performance at The Stone Sugar Jamboree


You can also catch our interview with the band and listen to their album at the links below.


On October the 4th the Jamboree was treated to a storming set by the epic Fate’s Hollow. Their electrifying performance left the venue’s audience knowing they had witnessed something special.

Fate’s Hollow are made up of Lead singer and song writer Reece, cool as they come lead guitarist James, the uber confident Tom on bass guitar and the magician that is Adam on drums.


Their music is hauntingly beautiful. They cast a spell that whisks the audience into a shadowy, enchanting realm where each song unfolds as a gripping chapter in a mesmerizing narrative. Their opening track ‘The End of Summer’ sets the scene for an enthralling musical odyssey that reads like an epic tale in every note. Featuring melodies that linger in the air like echoes from a distant 80s cinematic universe and lyrics that spin intricate tales of love, loss, and otherworldly encounters, the bands set kicks hard. Reece and James team up to present a lead guitar duel that is nothing short of brilliant. Their intricate melodies, blistering solos, and mesmerizing riffs create a sonic tapestry that's both technically impressive and emotionally captivating. The interplay between these guitarists is a sight to behold, and their chemistry on stage is palpable. Reece’s vocal range with his distinct ethereal timbre and powerhouse flares, deepens the storytelling, rendering every song an incantation of dark allure.

Bassist Tom’s performance is truly solid providing a robust foundation for the entire band. His impeccable timing and precise technique contribute to a tight and powerful sound. Whether holding down the rhythm or adding tasteful embellishments, this musician's solid bass lines elevate the overall musical experience.

This band's rhythm section is anchored by virtuoso drummer Adam whose beats are a driving force that propels the entire show. His drumming is a masterclass in precision and power, adding an undeniable energy to every song.

Their performance is a must-see for anyone who appreciates the artistry and passion that rock music can deliver. Each song seems to be interconnected and contributing to a larger chronicle. Every band member plays a pivotal role in breathing life into this saga, and their delivery is a masterclass.

In summary, Fate’s Hollow is a musical journey that transcends the conventions of traditional rock, unfolding as an epic story through every song. To witness their live performance is to step into a beautiful chronicle of darkness and enchantment.

Look out for their up coming album which is sure to be epic!

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We were proud to debut the Low Highs at our October Jamboree! Our main supporting act, the Low Highs, offered an alternative indie vibe, warming the crowd with perfect bloom. This Manchester based band are fresh to the gigging scene and their music is packed with flavours of the current youthful indie scene. With a fantastically enthusiastic crowd for their debut gig, the Low Highs certainly came armed ready to mark their premier as one to remember.


In their Stone Sugar interview, the lads talked openly about their excitement to showcase their original work to their family and friends, super excited to test out the all-important sound that is this four piece. Their composing is proudly inspired by their coming-of-age experiences of musical relationships.

The back story is simple… Ryan, the groups bass player and driving force, came to Manchester to study at university. After scoping out the local musical talent via Facebook, he laid the foundations in a northern 'pre-band' with Galen, the brains of the business and all important drummer. After jamming it out for a few months they graciously relented, honouring their instincts to pursue the organic feeling sound we heard at the Jamboree. From there, naturally, Bailey the quietly brilliant guitarist was snapped up along with Charlie the singer whose voice resembles the soft likeness of a youthful Morrisey.


They took to the Jamboree stage at Taylor’s Shure 5 Studios with confidence and grace. Their very first step into the wonderful world of gigging certainly met the expectations and mood of the crowd. They gently pushed their jazz and indie influences through a carefully crafted group effort, a strength they pride themselves on. Each member of the band brings their own unique personality to the stage. Baily quietly sits back in the shadows with his cap mysteriously hiding his face, intermittently stepping out into the stage lights to demonstrate his clear prowess. Left handed drummer Galen (rare as a double rainbow), demonstrates a unique style of drumming and is as focused and serious as any drummer we have seen at the Jamboree. Bassist Ryan is a joy to watch and was clearly born to play that bass guitar. It’s in his bones! His high holding position, bobbing head and infectious smile captivates the audience and symbolises what this band is all about! Lead singer Charlie brings a performance that wouldn’t be out of place on a West End stage. There is a clear theatricality about his voice and performance but he somehow manages to keep it cool and alternative.


We are extremely delighted the lads chose to cut their teeth with Stone Sugar, we will watch their growth fondly, and it’s safe to say, they have no intention of slowing down now they are off the blocks! They are hoping for their debut single to be launched in the coming winter months so look out for them and follow them on X, Instagram and Facebook.



What an absolute privilege it was to host this almighty fun band in their hometown. ‘Ready for business!’ is an understatement. These guys were professionally eager to ‘have it’ right from the sound check. Hunter (Lee), singer/songwriter, and his wolves, bassist Ryan, Tim on lead guitar and Saul on drums were our chosen headliners for the second half of the Jamboree year. Quite simply, they smashed it out of the park on performance and ticket sales. The event was completely sold out!


It is highly likely you’ve seen this innately talented band somewhere on your musical travels before. Fresh off the back of their recent Northwest 8 event tour, the band were more than ready to own the October Jamboree and give their loyal bouncing clan of followers a right good night! Beer fuelled and proudly donning their Hunter & the Wolves clothing apparel, the vocally enthusiastic crowd were here to feel the H&TW experience.


The Wolves didn’t disappoint as they owned the stage with pure appetite, showcasing their collection of excellently crafted songs, all the while front man Hunter confidently and skilfully directing the way. The roaring intro of their opening track, ‘On and On’, lets the crowd know exactly what they are in for. The cheeky swagger of this inaugural blast sets the foundation for a set full of sticky riffs expertly led by guitarist Tim on his trusty red Epiphone and sassy lyrics from the eternally charismatic Hunter.

Drummer Saul thumps his way through the gig with adaptability and passion demonstrating a high level of musicality and technical prowess. Wing man Ryan on bass is as cool as a moonbeam throughout. He has an affinity for knowing exactly when to let a song breath and lay out and when to go hell for leather to allow the rhythm to bubble through the veins.

This troop of valorous heroes ended the set with Stone Sugar’s favourite ‘Something About You’. This ‘Iggy Pop meets The Black Keys love-child’ of a song has been played over and over in our car since we first heard it. Its lyrical narrative is hard hitting and the epic melody will ring in your head long after the record stops spinning.


Also, beef up your playlist with their latest release, Mouth of The Obelisks (cracking new single) and look out for them on the 2024 festival scene as they are certain to bounce on to a stage near you.



The Charms are, quite simply, the very definition of their name sake. Their cool and carefree attitude is so beautifully contrasted with their polite and well-mannered bluster. The band comprises of Jake, Will, Ewan and Diarmo, all fresh to the music scene. The inspiration for the creation of this Gothic Indie Rock outfit came after they attended last year’s Made in Manchester festival. As punters, they stared longingly at the stage and declared ‘We need to make our own band’. With no musical experience whatsoever, Jake specifically learned the bass guitar solely to be part of the band.

Their lack of experience was clearly overshadowed by their refreshing confidence once they took to the stage. The endearing four piece really brought their charismatic and quirky personalities to the stage. The buzzing crowd warmed immediately to the band’s impulsive presence. Diarmo’s touch of Jager swagger is eye catching and cool in equal measures and as a collective they commanded warmth and appreciation from the sell-out crowd.

Songs such as ‘Find A Way’ cut straight through the crowd as Will’s bass drum thumps the opening bars wearing his Wrenny-style beany hat! The marrying of the pumping bass line from Jake instantly got the crowd’s heads nodding. The quiet hero in the ensemble are the catchy hooks created by Ewan. His hooks seem to ring in the ears long after the songs are finished.

All set to start universities this September, the Charms will spend the remainder of the year writing and recording with the goal of releasing their first single before they depart. Despite being spread out across the north they have every intention of maintaining the band and will continue to deliver their all-important youthful optimism that we found totally contagious.



The headline act for the April Stone Sugar Jamboree was North! A local band that we had hotly anticipated would deliver a truly, Northern night. They certainly lived up to the hype. The event had been sold out for weeks and the capacity crowd buzzed and brimmed in anticipation of them gracing the stage.

This five piece is a family alliance. Not only through long-standing friendships, but also through blood! Daz and Molly, the unique father and daughter ingredient, are at the heart of this talented crew and their passion for music and performing is infectious. The unbelievably talented Molly is the lead guitarist and baby of the band but her performance is something to behold. Both technically stunning and emotionally scarring, her soulful touch has ‘future icon’ written all over it! Planted right beside her, dad Daz, beaming with pride and giving his all in the rhythm section, skilfully bringing warm harmonies to the band’s collection of Northern melodies.

On bass guitar is reliable Stan, a quiet leader in the band whose experience and innate talent is a real asset. His technical skill is unrivalled at any Jamboree so far and we particularly love it when his stone-faced prowess is broken with a satisfied smile. Drummer Foz holds the whole thing together with his quirky style and charming character which sits in beautiful contrast with his solid, driving drumbeats.

At the front of the band is lead singer and songwriter Stuart Wolfenden. His humble and gracious presence off stage disguises the brutally honest and raw lyrics that pierce through the narrative of every song. ‘I have to tell the truth’ was a comment Stu made when we spoke to him about the songs and this ‘warts and all’ approach is a signature of the bands style. The whole North experience is a real life kitchen sink drama mixed with nostalgic memoirs and escapades. As the band played their single ‘Manchester’, a song about a kid from Oldham taking his first trip into the big city, the crowd were ‘all in’ – singing the anthem right back at the band at the top of their voices and smiling at each other as if they were on that bus with him - all the while Molly’s breath-taking guitar licks are shredding through the venue. Songs such as ‘You’ and ‘Recovery’ really go to the heart of this fiercely loyal crowd as Stu bares his soul, Molly delivers her masterstrokes and the eclectic mix of seasoned experience and vulnerability swell into a communion of love and passion. The crowd knows they have been part of something special.

The band finished the set with their newly released ‘Take A Deep Breath’. A funky new direction for the band that had the crowd absolutely bouncing. This was the perfect way to end what had been one of the best headlining shows in the short history of the Jamboree. You really need to try and catch this band before they take off on the big bus to the big time!

Catch them again at the After All Festival at The Peer and Hat and AATMA on Saturday May 20th.

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Last month’s headline showstopper was the remarkable Jimmy Page XI from Manchester. First time playing in Oldham, this Indie- pop group adorned the Taylor’s Shure 5 stage, determined to make the May jamboree one to remember. 

Singer songwriter and guitarist, Jimmy, is the brainchild behind the music and the vision of JimmypageXI. His loyal band members are the multitalented Lewis playing rhythm guitar and keyboards, the technically proficient Ryan on drums, Andy the bassist with his thick and punchy grooves and NHS legend Sam on lead guitar who delivers catchy hooks like they are going out of fashion. 

Back in 2022, at an open mic night at Jackson’s Boat in Sale, Jimmy surprised his mates by jumping up on stage to deliver an unplanned 20 min acoustic set. Since this point his success and achievements have snowballed. He is celebrating an unbelievable first year, with 30k Spotify streams, 95 live performances and a spot on the Eurovision Song Zone at Huddersfield station. Best to date and his self-proclaimed favourite accomplishment, is achieving air play on BBC radio Manchester, accompanied by an interview with Stacey Copeland. What a year!

The band brought a huge crowd of loyal fans along to the Jamboree who were bursting with energy and eagerly anticipated their favourite songs. The momentum of the evening grew and grew as the super talented musicians continuously captured the imagination of the hyped horde. Singing along to the Days are Long with gusto, the interaction between the band and the audience depicts a solid union of loyalty and pure pleasure. With poppy riffs and catchy melodies, Jimmy Page brings unapologetic guitar filled pop to your ears in buckets. However, there’s more than just the average toe-tapping and anthem chanting to Jimmy’s set. Songs like Butterfly and Quarantine demonstrate a serious song writing prowess and they completely enrapture the audience.

The hype jimmy creates around his gigs and releases is one of his special gifts and the performance is definitely worth the wait. There is a great warmth about the JPXI squad and everyone is made to feel part of it. We are really looking forward to the next single, Cataclysmic, which is due out at the end of July.

We are very confident that you will be hearing more from Jimmy Page XI in the coming months and years and perhaps even one day at Leeds festival (as they say, that is the dream). Before then, his home for now is every Monday night at the Brickhouse Social where you can see him perform an acoustic set and find out more about his up-and-coming ventures. Well done to this talented and humble band, and to Jimmy - we look forward to watching your journey and wish you luck going into year two – big things are going to happen! No doubt!



Midland Railway's new single, She Loves Ted Bundy, is an up-beat pop-punk masterclass! The dark humoured story-telling and infectiously catchy melody are like a Jarvis Cocker and The Libertine’s love child. Dangerous and danceable in equal measures, the song is pumped full of poetic audacity and the unfathomable presence of ‘geek-cool’.

Midland Railway are Nick (vocals + guitar), Sarah (bass + vocals, and Dan (lead guitar). Having met each other through a combination of gigs around Manchester University, they have developed their unique brand of melodic nerd-rock that combines Weezer-inspired guitar sounds with some Bright Eyes-inspired misery and Magnetic Fields-esq dark humour.

The band tell us that She Loves Ted Bundy was inspired by frontman Nick's girlfriend Lizzie, and her insane obsession with serial killer Ted Bundy. Though Lizzie initially protested that the song made her sound weird, it quickly became clear that many, many other women are also unhealthily obsessed with Ted Bundy, which Lizzie found very comforting.

There is an unshakeable playfulness behind the song and despite the dark lyrics, listeners will be overcome by the propensity to lovingly sing along and beam from ear to ear whilst doing so.

We challenge you not to sing along!


Last Word Dogs


The October Jamboree was launched by the extraordinarily magical, Last Word Dogs. In their alter egos of Romana Raven, Dolly Holborn, Molasses Tobacco, Shapey McMillan and Captain Andy, the band opened the evening instantly owning the room. Listeners were immediately lured into a submissive state, and all eyes completely concentrated on the stage. The five-piece band are made up of artists who live and breathe music. It is abundantly clear this talented bunch have combined their interests and abilities to refine a sound and mood completely unique to them. The Last Word Dogs describe themselves as ‘defying convention’ with their easterly influenced psychedelic rock melodies. As a collective the band can play over 20 instruments. You will mainly find them in muddy fields roaming the British circuit of grass root festivals. They are regulars at the Northern Green Gatherings where community and friendship are at the heart of the get-togethers as well as sharing a united passion for music. Their greatest achievement to date was performing at the Equinox Festival, taking over one of the six stages with their quirky and luminous sets. It is so easy to see why everyone enjoys the Last Word Dogs, who couldn’t be drawn into the harmonious energy conjured from the poetic flute and gentle rhythm of the Darabukha Egyptian drum. Keep an eye out for this band and their array of talent, they are absolutely an assemblage worth catching.

Last Word


Feral Kings


The October Jamboree was ready to bounce, and this relatively new band, only formed in 2019 brought sophisticated metal rock to the venue. Jonny, Callum, Liam, and Jason from South Manchester launched their first EP in 2020. They’ve recorded in Liverpool and played some significant venues across Greater Manchester including The Blossoms Pub and Doctor Feel Good in Stockport. The Jamboree was the perfect opportunity to showcase their newly released single, ‘My Saviour’. A deeply gripping theme, depression and darkness influences the mood of the lyrics. With the solid alt rock energy and consuming vocals, the single, delivered second in the set, really got the room bouncing at Taylor’s Shure Five Studios. The band are influenced by The Doors, Alter Bridge and Rival Sons, this is certainly reflected in their creativity, something the band have identified as a strength in their composing and production skills. The lad’s wealth of musical experience brings their passion for alt rock to life, it is authentically portrayed not only in sound but physically on stage. The Feral Kings brought the perfect mood and atmosphere to the Jamboree stage with the much-anticipated energy of quality hard metal. It was a pleasure to watch the band and we’ll follow their journey with interest.



Bad Heritage


The headliners, Bad Heritage, what an awesome collective. Female led, Amelia and Lauren compose and produce side by side to deliver their unique sound, encouraged, and supported by Tom and Johnny’s experience and skills. Influenced by Royal Blood and Audioslave, in the band’s own words, they too, strive to conquer, the type of nasty riffs and hooks that’ll make your face curl. Their sound combines heavy riffs alongside catchy melodies which showcase Amelia’s 70s inspired vocals perfectly. These musicians can work on numerous songs at once and are deeply inspired by their hometown when in need of motivation. The bands energy on stage oozes fun and imagination and we knew these innately great musicians would inspire the venue with their excellently crafted work. Their latest single, Saviour Control, tackles self-sabotaging emotional health issues. Just as the powerful message and punchy lyrics provokes thought, the catchy engaging powerhouse generated from the rest of the band, brings pure fun and everyone to their feet for the grand finale. Without the theatrical explosive vitality brought by Bad Heritage, the October Jamboree just wouldn’t have been the same, they were the ultimate headliners!  Next stop for these guys is the studio, we look forward to hearing some new tracks from these exceptionally talented ladies and their band.

Bad Her


The Distance


The Distance came to the Jamboree stage with the energy and motivation of a runaway train! This was a scissor kick of a set and despite the modest venue, the boys displayed dynamism and power in measures equal to a full-to-the-rafters stadium rock show! The Distance do not hold back! Their 90’s inspired indie rock anthems are passionately driven by Lead singer Jack on rhythm guitar and the lively backing of Rhys on bass, Sam on Lead guitar and Aaron on Drums. Hailing from Manchester and Wrexham, this band are definitely one to watch out for. Jump-starting their set with ’Living for Yesterday’, the raucous energy of the band was in full swing. Packing in a huge sound, these boys meant business! Unapologetically loud, no holds barred, and a lot of fun. As they blasted their new single ‘Falling’, the spirit of Taylor’s Shure 5 was elevated. The song simmers with a compelling beauty as it’s big choruses and sticky melodies go straight to the heart of the audience. The Distance have new music coming in the New Year and will be performing more shows at The Rochdale Empire on the 8th January and The Deaf Institute on the 20th January. You really need to go and see this band before they catch the big ticket!




The very first artist to perform for the Stone Sugar Jamboree on Saturday 24th September at Taylors Shure5 was, a local talent from Greenfield. This skilful, aspiring, singer songwriter truly launched the event with command. As the guitar chords struck, Cloe Instantly brought life into the room with an immediate welcome from the audience. This young solo artist opened with a newly written song, Ugly Sweater, her next single, planned for release, early next year. A cheeky but honest account, of mistake making when green to the industry. The brilliantly catchy song epitomizes her sheer talent for storytelling. Cloe captures the listeners imagination delivering anecdotes of ‘life lessons learned’, absorbing the listener into the free life of a twenty something, or perhaps chaotic life, depending on whose listening. Influenced by the likes of Taylor Swift, Nina Nesbitt and Emily Warren, Cloe also portrays familiar tales through her quirky music style.

Cloe has been releasing music since 2020 via Spotify and YouTube with the support of regular listeners. Her debut single Making up Excuses was received well and got her comfortably acquainted on many internet music platforms. Cloe initially worked with local producer Dean Glover of Vibe Studios on her earlier three releases, an experience she thoroughly enjoyed and one which spurred her on to venture further afield in seeking more music related adventure, most recently working with a London based producer. This summer Cloe travelled down to the Tileyard Studios at Kings Cross specially to write and produce new material alongside Nadim Elsayed, an up and coming south based dance DJ and producer who identified Cloe’s talents during lockdown when she put out covers on social media. Cloe’s natural talents and acquired technical skills, mean she can do everything it takes to put out solo music, quoting herself as a ‘music loner’, basically the ability to compose, record and produce independently and with success. Recently, as part of a growth plan where she aspires for a greater competence in her craft, she sets herself stretching tasks such as writing a song a day and working with new and different people in the industry who would otherwise be recognised for different genres. This dedication and drive she freely welcomes, exposes her to new and exciting opportunities, and can be heard in her maturing musical expressions.

Currently, Cloe is a student at York university, where she has access to the recording studios and regularly gigs around the city’s hotspots, in local pubs and established music venues. If you find yourself in the historic city, we certainly recommend you hunt out a venue she’s playing and check her out. We felt absolutely privileged to capture her for one night back in her hometown of Oldham. This fresh-faced young woman certainly kept her well-seasoned counterpart musicians on their toes as they followed her onto the stage. Endearingly appreciated within her 30 min set, the baby sister of the Jamboree truly came into her own, showcasing her outstanding talent for pure entertainment. The backbone to Cloe’s success is undoubtedly, Cloe herself. In one breath she has the beautiful bravery only associated with youth, releasing a song, to tell someone she loves them, then in a second breath glides into the uncanny ability of holding court in every eventuality of musical survival. With 1 album and 7 singles under her belt, is the one from the North West to watch out for. The Stone Sugar Promotions team were extremely proud to have worked with her on our opening Jamboree. Good luck we will watch your journey fondly.




Rock band, Gallaher’s Green, were the official band to headline the opening of the Stone Sugar Promotional nights, the very first, of all Jamborees. Cherry picked from the wealth of talented bands who regularly rehearse at Taylors Shure5 studios, it was guaranteed that these innately good musicians would capture the imagination of the event.  Influenced by The Rolling Stones, Guns and Roses and the Foo Fighters the band are made up of Lead singer and rhythm guitarist, Jon Olphert, bass player Ian Gallagher, lead guitarist Tom Stretton and newer member, drummer Tom Leather. The headliners opened with pure zest, owning the stage, displaying to the audience their musical talent and excellently crafted work. A particular strength this band have is playing with mastery and attitude while all the while their inner nature is humbly focused on enjoying the experience alongside the crowd.

Jon is from Northern Ireland and Ian Gallagher from Taylors Shure5 hometown Oldham, they met whilst serving in the Royal Air Force in Iraq in 2008. Over a decade later and years of playing in other bands the pair decided at Slane Castle, whilst watching Guns N' Roses to form Gallaher's Green. The band asked friend Michael Walsh to join them for the Jamboree, the solo acoustic singer songwriter supported with backing vocals and harmonies. Michael has also worked with the band on the new album. Collaborating and their passion for music as well as the lad’s cohesion of personalities, certainly contributes to the band’s overall success. Their presence on Spotify is awesome, with a decent followership and over 117K listens to their songs. Their game is strong and driven by their determination to do well while loving every moment.

Gallahers Green next single, Memphis, is due for release on 7th October 22, a charity single to raise funds for The RAF Benevolent Fund. 'Memphis' was inspired when a close friend and former colleague of lead singer Jon shared his experiences of being very seriously injured after stepping on an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) whilst serving as a military working dog handler with his dog named ‘Memphis’ in Afghanistan in 2011. Jon was inspired to write the song after inviting his friend down to participate in a motivational talk for the younger members of the squadron.  For not only the younger listeners, (who’ve yet to experience serving in a volatile country), the story moved Jon so much, he composed the song immediately, and with Ian, they brought it to the lead guitarist to work his magic. The lyrics to Memphis capture the absolute essence of the painful story, portraying the anger and disappointment the airman was left with after the lifechanging accident took away everything he knew. The honourable son’s commitment to his calling, sadly ends in disregarded abandonment. The soul-destroying fact that an individual can serve loyally to one’s country, giving everything, emotionally and physically to leave broken and with nothing. Memphis consumes the listener into the harrowing story, it draws empathy and raises a much-needed awareness around civilian understanding and welcomes contribution to the cause. The band are donating all profits made towards The RAF Benevolent Fund. That includes profits from iTunes, merchandise and physical copies of their music. The charity receives no government funding so rely on the generous support of music lovers. Donating will help us give members of the RAF family the support, companionship and care they deserve. Stone Sugar Promotions has been extremely proud to be able to support the drive of this cause at the Jamboree, and thoroughly enjoyed a night with Gallahers Green. We loved watching these superb headliners own the stage while entertaining Oldham once again. We wish you the best of luck and hope the charity single exceeds all expectations.





Manchester Indie-folk band, Waiting Forever were the first band to grace the Jamboree stage. Steve, Sam, Dave and Mark came armed with a buzzing crowd, and this audience had been patiently waiting to hear the band play live since the album release. Their presence was certainly felt. To watch the escalating hype was certainly worth the wait as energy filled the air when the band finally delivered the straight from lockdown album, Borrowed from Tomorrow. The passion was infectious, and their loyal followers knew every word to every song. The band are a self-confessed mix bag of musical lovers, their influences range from Paul McCartney and Fleetwood Mac to ACDC, they explain how this strength, alongside their many years of technical experience in music, have contributed towards the completion of their optimistic and flavoursome album. 

Borrowed from tomorrow, comprises of 5 of the band’s singles. The name relates to time and energy the band borrowed from days ahead, as full-time workers and busy dads, when committing to the task of composing, recording and producing over a short period of time, they needed to muster the dedication and extra commitment from somewhere. The musical growth spurt came during the pandemic. These guys are fortunate enough to have their own practice room and recording studios where they rehearse religiously every Tuesday. Sourced and built from scratch, the creative space became their lockdown sanctuary, enabling them to combined and flex their complimenting musical abilities. 

Like many independent artists in 2019, the band were able to spread their wings and indulge in a creative surge to produce their first album. Lead singer and guitarist, Steve explained how important feedback from friends and acquaintances were during the national lock down, towards supporting the development of the album and how sharing their work inspired them greatly. The concept of the album was to take their listeners on a journey of what Waiting Forever are all about. Observing the band interact live with their audience on Saturday night certainly confirmed a union was forged during those virtual times. This mood fanned direct from stage to throughout the venue, whipping up an excitable crowd, delivering the intended outcome. There was more than just the average toe-tapping when they played Clown, the out and out rock and roll number got everybody bouncing on their heels, while Here with Me directed a natural, relaxing come down with its mellowing bluesy notes.  

The band are confident their growth is portrayed, not only through their technical chemistry but through their evolving composition skills. Steve, honestly described how in his early writing days he wrestled with the frustrations of capturing emerging material. Explaining how tricky, simply finetuning the physical abilities of singing and strumming together long enough to capture an essence can be. Having the drive and persistence to compose, with regular practice you’ll become competent enough to pluck, sing and compose until the likes of Let it Go come to fruition. Let it Go really brought a great feel to the room as it layered and layered to its climatic ending, summing up the vitality of the whole album. This single was earmarked as a defining, and ‘must hear’ song by the band. Listening carefully to the lyrics you can feel the array of emotions throughout, lightly peppered with notes of romance and tinges of sadness, but ultimately the band wanted to bookend the album with hope. Hope certainly being the appropriate word coming out of the pandemic. 

Manchester musicians have far too many confident traits going for them, (in general, it’s a fact), so I wasn’t surprised when the band spoke about being uber confident when it comes to playing in front of thousands, whenever, and wherever. But the truth is, these northerners would be endearingly, more than happy, to just play in someone’s living room, offering a ‘musical joyous hug’. Delivering an engaging and optimistic array of songs, the humble and talented gang, plan to now continue gigging. Thank you Waiting Forever, the pleasure was ours! 

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